Padauk Wood (Africa)


African Padauk is another member of the hardwood family known for its high strength and stability. With no need for embellishment from stain, you can’t miss the robust reddish-brown color that Paduak boasts. With a range of hues from bright orange to a slightly muted burgundy and accents of brick red, Padauk is sure to please the eye. Just like a fine wine, the color gets darker and better with age.

Cleating System: Every DubTub purchase includes an innovative cleating system—allowing you to easily adjust the wooden cleats to fit the inside of your tub—preventing your DubTub from falling off the tub. Our cleating system is compatible with most standard bathtubs, including tubs with only a very small ledge on one side. If you’re unsure whether your tub will be compatible with our cleating system, please send us a picture of your tub and we can give you our professional opinion.

Note: Our standard bath boards are 30 inches in length, fitting most bathtubs installed in North America. We recommend pre-measuring the inside wall-to-wall dimensions of your bathtub to ensure it is no wider than 28”, giving your DubTub enough surface area on your tub to not jeopardize its performance. If your tubs inside wall-to-wall dimensions are wider than 28 inches, please contact us to request a bath board tailored to the measurements of your bathtub (certain fees may apply).

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